My name is Allen Bracken Cherry and I am the CEO / Founder of "uNowRide." Let me introduce you to the vision of "uNowRide"

I will be sharing the Vision with you and conducting your interview all the way through the process of you becoming a "uNowRide" Driver with your own business.

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Watch This Video First!

Don't Let Anything Stop Your Income!
Not By Getting Fired by Another Rideshare Company,
Not the Corona Virus, Not Anything.
Create Your Own Rideshare Business,
We Will Help You!

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur in the Rideshare Business. 

New Wave of Rideshare!

We would rather empower less Drivers making really great money, than have tons of Drivers barely getting by. We are building "uNowRide" by only approving Drivers that will be committed, courteous, friendly, well mannered and professional. Be prepared to committing to drive for a least 3 months with "uNowRide" to be approved as a Driver, with your own business.

You need the desire to be one of the Best Rideshare Drivers in the World, making everyone like you and wanting you to drive them.

Right now, we are taking ONLY Drivers in Sedona, Flagstaff, Prescott, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Anthem and Tucson at this time (some exceptions may apply). We will personally contact by phone the first 60 Drivers who interview on this page, in order to make sure they are a match with "uNowRide."


Bless Your Life!

"Our Motto"


The Vision...

I was given the vision of "uNowRide" one morning in early February 2nd, 2019, by who and what I call God, that is why I call this Company, "God's Rideshare Business".

The vision went like this: build a rideshare business where the "Drivers" make MORE and the "Riders" pay LESS.

The vision revealed to me was to create the simplest, easiest App where the drivers could build their own rideshare business and make all the money for a small monthly subscription fee ($199 per month).

UNowRide enables Drivers to have "Regular and Repeat Customers" by having a "Favorite Driver" status in the App.

The vision is to pay the drivers 100% of the fare, tips, and cancellation fees (minus Credit Card / Bank Fees) directly to their bank account after the ride ends. 

I was inspired by the vision on exactly how to do all of this and give great service to the Drivers and teach them how to make really good/big money. Drivers can make all the money they create driving Riders safely with courtesy, friendliness, and in a professional manner.




All The Tools You Need To Build Your Own Rideshare Business...

"uNowRide" empowers the Drivers with all the tools necessary to be in their own Rideshare business. We provide the Apps, training, Riders, ("uNowRide" will advertise... to the max... to get Riders knowing all about "uNowRide" Drivers) and our license to operate under and much, much more! You receive all of the above for a monthly subscription fee, which you will most likely make, if you are a dedicated driver, in the first couple of days of the month, leaving 100% of the rest of the months revenue for YOU!

Explaining the 'uNowRide" Program...

What do Drivers Make?

Examples Below

1. 100% of the Fares, Tips, Cancelation Fees (only when the Rider Cancels),  Credit Card & Cash Rides, repeat Customer Rides, (Minus Bank/Card Processing Fees).

2. Our Goal and Motto is, "Drivers Make More, Riders Pay Less." With the Drivers making all the money, our fares for the Riders can be less and very competitive. 

4. We want our Drivers to make more money, easier, with less driving, from Regular Repeat Customers, App Riders and Driver Initiated  Rides.

What do Riders Pay?


Examples Below, These are only Examples!

1. There is a minimum fare of $10.40 for every ride 5 miles or less. Therefore, Riders will always be paying $10.40 at least for a Ride anywhere. Making the Driver a minimum of $10.04 per ride. App Rides.

2. After the first 5 miles, mileage will kick in making the driver more money for the ride.

3. After 5 minutes of waiting for the Rider to arrive at the car, there is a $0.30 per minute waiting fee.

4. Our fares will be fair to both the Rider and the Driver. We will do the best we can to be lower than "All the Competition." 

The Rollout and Process of "uNowRide"


"uNowRide" is currently licensed in the State of Arizona. (Applying for California Soon.)

Phase One:

We will be opening up in the Arizona Cities of:
1. Cottonwood - 3 Drivers
2. Flagstaff - 10 Drivers
3. Phoenix - 10 Drivers
4. Prescott - 5 Drivers
5. Scottsdale - 10 Drivers
5. Sedona - 3 Drivers
6. Tucson -10 Drivers
7. Anthem - 3 Drivers
8. Paradise Valley - 6 Drivers

First 30 Days: We will assist personally the total of 60 Drivers, helping them make really good money before we approve any more drivers in these areas. We want to let them see and experience that uNowRide is for real, not a scam and really works to their advantage in their own Rideshare business.

The Process...

Do not go forward with this online and telephone interview, unless you agree and are willing to commit to do the things listed below to the best of your ability.

1. Be courteous to every Rider.
2. Be friendly with every Rider.
3. Have good manners while you are driving.
4. Be professional with every Rider.
5. Never use curse words, even if the Rider does.
6. Know when to talk and when not to talk.
7. Be on time to pick up the Riders to the best of your ability.

By doing these things you will make more money from Regular-Repeat Customers, Driver Initiated and Riders that "uNowRide" gets you through our App.

Your Reputation and "uNowRides" reputation is of ultimate importance.

Let's hit the competition out of the park with these features above and make lots more money doing it! 

Requirements to Drive for "uNowRide"

1. PROOF OF INSURANCE - Must have Insurance that covers Your "Own" Rideshare Business. (Personal/Commercial)

This insurance is not much more than what you are paying for your personal insurance. Without Insurance that meets all of the applicable laws, you CANNOT be a Driver using "uNowRide App." We recommend Geico's Rideshare Policy.

2. Must be 21 years or older.
3. Must have current drivers license.
4. Must have current vehicle registration.
5. Must have photo of car tag.
6. Must have photos of all 4 sides of your car.
7. Car cannot be older than 10 years and must be in great shape.
8. Must have face shot photo of yourself.

We will perform the "Background Check.

You have come this far, you must like what you're see.

These are the next steps!

1. Fill out the online form in as much detail as possible.
2. Wait for our telephone call to interview you in person.
3. At that point, if we feel you are a match, we will ask you to pay the first $199 monthly subscription payment for you to join "uNowRide."
4. Get ready to Drive for the Best... "uNowRide"  God's Rideshare Business...